Home Automation System Using a Simple Android App In Kodular | Create App In Kodular Home Automation For Arduino Project

How To Create Android App Home Automation Arduino | Hc-05 By Technical Yarana

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The software program for the home automation project(homeautomation.ino) is written in Arduino programming language called Processing. Arduino Uno is programmed using Arduino IDE software that you can download from arduino.cc. Kodular software was used to create the Android app (.apk) for this project. The app on your smartphone sends data when you click on buttons or feed voice commands via Bluetooth in the mobile to Bluetooth module HC-05 connected with Arduino board. Received data pin TXD of the HC-05 is connected to Arduino. Arduino Uno processes the received data and controls the relay board accordingly. Procedure for installing the Android app (.apk) is as follows:
1. Download the app (homeautomation.apk).
2. Run .apk file. It will prompt you to complete the action. Click Package Installer and then Install.
3. You will also need a voice-recognition app on your Android smartphone. Most smartphones have this app preinstalled. If you do not have it, download one from Google Play Store.

Construction and testing

Assemble the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram. Open Arduino IDE and compile the program (sketch). Upload the sketch (homeautomation.ino) to Arduino board. Switch on the power supply to Arduino by connecting it to 12V power source. Pair Bluetooth module with your Android phone. Type password ‘1234’ (default password) of Bluetooth module. Click Bluetooth Image on the app to connect it with the Bluetooth module. It automatically connects and displays as Connected in the app. You are now ready to control the appliances using the app. You can either use on/off buttons or voice commands to control the appliances. You can control more electrical appliances by increasing the number of channels in the relay. For instance, using an 8-channel relay, you can control up to eight devices. For this, you need to alter the source code by adding input commands and voice commands to control the devices.


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